25 March 2021

The new production line for the professional product line Away-from-Home has been running at full capacity at CentralCarta for the past few days. The installation of the system, comprising a rewinder, packaging and palletising station, was completed in March and, having successfully completed the initial testing and start-up phases, the line is now already operating at the highest possible levels of production performance.

The fully automated line can run at a constant speed of 700 m/min: starting with the unwinding of parent reels up to 3000 mm wide, then the logs are cut by the cutting off machine, labelled and packaged according to batch specifications and finally palletised ready for shipment. All this is done fully automatically without any human intervention. The production performance is also enhanced by the advanced TouchMax technology that guarantees excellent results in terms of paper embossing.

This cutting-edge, high-performance technology consolidates Centralcarta’s ability to guarantee the market prompt, reliable responses while maintaining the high quality levels that distinguish the product.

The certified quality of Centralcarta produced by the new plant is traced right down to the raw material: the automation of the systems that control the physical characteristics of the product, in synergy with the scrupulous work of the Quality Office that tests the mechanical characteristics

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