A family company, passionate about tissue

Centralcarta was founded in 1990 as a converting company and over time has directed its attention towards process integration. In 2015 the acquisition of ICF Industria Cartaria, an old-established Lucca manufacturer, enabled Centralcarta to become an integrated, independent operator on the market. Today the Centralcarta Group has manufacturing sites and an industrial infrastructure located over a total area of 60,000 sq. m, 30,000 sq. m of which are buildings.

Centralcarta is a family company with the second generation now at the helm and upholding the same values as thirty years ago: a compelling passion for technological innovation and an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit.

The synergy between these three aspects has allowed the company and all the people involved in it to focus on process optimisation and the acquisition and consolidation of a high level of technical expertise.

Its passion for the business and for quality led the company to implement and follow rigorous protocols for monitoring the production process from raw material to finished product.

30+ Years of History
10 Group brands
150+ Products
60+ Employees
3 Production Facilities

A Story of Growth

In our first 30 years, we have never stopped growing. With our strength and passion, we have become an integrated industry that can now compete with national and international market leaders in terms of image, quality, products and service.

  • 1990 CENTRALCARTA IS BORN Centralcarta was founded in 1990 as a converting company ready to respond to market demands for professional paper tissue products. Its flexibility and the service it offered enabled the company to stand out and establish a niche in the market.
  • 2004 CENTRALCARTA RELOCATES TO ANOTHER INDUSTRIAL SITE The company launched its own range of professional products: ClassEur. This commercial development was supported by ongoing investments. The industrial floor area was expanded to 12,500 sq. m.
  • 2007 CENTRALCARTA OBTAINS A CERTIFICATION Centralcarta obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification in relation to the adoption of a specific process management system aimed at achieving quality objectives. An indispensable instrument enabling us to sit at the negotiating table with our customers.
  • 2009 CENTRALCARTA EQUALS ENERGY SAVING Centralcarta focused on secondary materials and production aids with the aim of saving energy and reducing its impact on the environment.
  • 2015 CENTRALCARTA IS AN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Acquisition of the entire assets of ICF Industria Cartaria was finalised. Acquisition of the entire assets of ICF Industria Cartaria was finalised.
  • 2018 CENTRALCARTA’S CERTIFICATION SA8000:2014 certification was obtained with TÜV Nord. This international standard sets out the requirements for correct ethical conduct by companies and the manufacturing sector towards workers.
  • 2021 CENTRALCARTA 4.0 The Group continued its investment policy with the acquisition of a new industrial production line incorporating technology 4.0 solutions.

People and Values

Our founding values such as environmental responsibility, quality, respect and protection of all those who work for the company are set to become rules of conduct through the implementation of the Ethical Code.

Passion for quality

The customer is at the centre of our business. We have been a supplier to major customers for many years, with others constantly joining their ranks and placing their trust in us. Now with the acquisition of a paper mill for the production of our raw materials, we have even more control over the entire manufacturing process and, above all, we are in a position to produce paper grades with exclusive characteristics and features that give us a clear competitive advantage.

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Respect for the environment

We feel strongly about the environment and aim to minimise the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. Our cellulose comes from suppliers who practise sustainable forest management.

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Respect for people

We pay careful attention to the health and safety of the people who work for Centralcarta and have instituted a safety at work policy. Our employees receive training and follow a programme of continuing professional development in order to ensure that our products meet high quality standards

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The strength of the group

Market-oriented quality thanks to constant research into increasingly high-performance production and application solutions.

The integration of the entire industrial process enables the group to offer its customers quality, consistency and reliability of supply, characteristics that contribute to the constant improvement of the relationships with customers and their loyalty.

Over the many years we have been in business, we have fine-tuned our production chain as well as organisation to react quickly to any market demand. Today, with the acquisition of the paper mill – integrating the production of raw materials – we can also meet demand with greater control over quality and consistency of supply. Our converting production lines are dedicated to different types of finished product and are often interchangeable with each other. Our sector (Away-from-home) consists of product families with very different characteristics that encompass different worlds: Medical, Bathroom, Food and Industry. Centralcarta is always ready to take on board customer feedback and invest in technology as well as innovation to maintain a high level of quality on top of flexibility.