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Since the foundation of Centralcarta, we have combined a family passion with professionalism, expertise and experience to produce high quality tissue products. We have always sought to optimise our processes through investment in pioneering technology and integration of the manufacturing cycles, while maintaining a close eye on our customers’ requirements.
Efficiency, responsiveness and customer satisfaction have been key to establishing our place in the paper technology sector in Italy and internationally.

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Professional Products

Vertical integration

With the acquisition of the Fenili paper mill, Centralcarta became vertically integrated. This key step in the history of our company opened up new horizons and new possibilities not previously accessible. Bruno Del Ministro’s many years of experience in operating and managing a paper mill will be invaluable in producing paper grades with high added value. Vertical integration will bring key benefits in terms of: Quality, Reliability of supplies, Protection against speculation on the market, Exclusivity and uniqueness with respect to certain paper grades.

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