This is a product line developed to meet the various needs of the market. Three classes diversify the Hygienette range into Classic, Compact and Premium models which, in different sizes, are able to cover the needs of all types of household.

The double-ply Classic models with a pleasant velvety effect are available in 10- or 24-roll formats. Both versions feature attractive, delicate packaging and are designed to meet the needs of families. The maxi-stock version of 24 rolls is designed for those who have little time for shopping but do not want to pass up a purchase that combines quality and economy.

The Compact models, always double-ply and with a pleasant velvety effect, are available in 4, 12 and 24 roll formats: compact roll packages to reduce bulk and take up as little space as possible. Optimisation is tripled as a Compact roll lasts three times longer than a normal roll. Compact shares the high quality offered by Centralcarta with the other types in the Hygienette range.

The Premium range, for the most demanding customers, is offered in a format of 8 rolls: triple-ply, perfumed and finely decorated, it comes in rich and luxurious packaging that attracts the customer looking for a high-end product.