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Centralcarta has been offering reliable solutions in the cleaning and hygiene sector for over 15 years since the launch of ClassEur, offering a wide range of tissue products and dispensers.

Strength, absorbency, softness and volume: these properties play a decisive part in the quality of the finished product.

Quality, along with passion and know-how in the paper tissue field, have always been Centralcarta’s main drivers.





The Tissue products of the Classeur professional line are able to meet the strict hygiene standards of these professional areas with specific characteristics. Centralcarta is able to reach this level thanks to its integrated production and the constant search for uncompromising quality.

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The qualities of the paper in synergy with the design of the dispensers ensure hygiene, comfort, ease of use and reduced waste. Centralcarta’s bathroom products are characterised by their softness, absorbency.

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Hygiene is one of the essential conditions for the many activities that take place in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector: the products in Centralcarta’s Classeur line help professionals in this sector to keep their customers safe.

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Quickly, practically and effectively assist industrial operators in their cleaning and maintenance tasks. Integration upstream in the production process creates the conditions for Centralcarta to offer the industrial world a dedicated comprehensive range of specific tissue solutions, characterised by strength and high absorption capacity.

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